Serving The Surveying Community in Washington

Land Surveyors' Association of Washington (LSAW)

is a professional organization representing over 1500 individuals practicing in the various disciplines of surveying. LSAW provides a means to keep our members informed of changes in laws, regulations, and rapidly changing technology. We work together to protect the principles and practices upon which surveying was founded.

Volunteer For a Committee


Most of the Association’s activities are accomplished by its committees and, therefore, productive committees are vital to LSAW success. Members are encouraged to participate in committees.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the LSAW Executive Office at (888) 994-2845.


LSAW Committee Chairs & Liaisons

Committee Chairs and Liaisons are appointed by the President to conduct specific business to be reviewed by the Board of Trustees. Click the name below to email the Committee Chair/Liaison.

2022 Datum, Tom Barger
AELC Liaison, Mike McEvilly
Awards, Chris Jepson
Board of Registration, Tom Barger
Bylaws, Lynee Forsyth
Conference, Crissy Willson
DNR SAB Liaison, Tom Barger
Education, K.C. Moore
ESS Editor, Ben Petersen
Foundation, Greg Brooks
Membership, Weston Dorszynski
Monument Preservation, Doug Casement
NSPS Director, Jim Coan
Prevailing Wage, Ben Petersen
TrigStar, VACANT
WFPS Delegate, Ben Petersen