Serving The Surveying Community in Washington

Land Surveyors' Association of Washington (LSAW)

is a professional organization representing over 1500 individuals practicing in the various disciplines of surveying. LSAW provides a means to keep our members informed of changes in laws, regulations, and rapidly changing technology. We work together to protect the principles and practices upon which surveying was founded.

LSAW Life Vested Members

The following members have been granted life vested membership in LSAW.

Victor Banks
John Barbieri
Patrick Beehler
Jerry Broadus
James Coan
Robert Cray
Dennis DeMeyer
Howard Espeseth
Kenneth Frazier
Melvin Garland
Duane Hartman
Steven Ivey
Timothy Kent
Robert McGinnis
Jerry Olson
Robert Scholes
Donald Semrau
Lawrence Signani
Darrell Sorenson
John Thalacker
Scott Valentine

LSAW Historical Society

The LSAW Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of surveying history and artifacts. Our goal is to increase public knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of our surveying history.

Membership to the Historical Society requires being a member of the Land Surveyors' Association of Washington. In addition, Historical Society members must pay annual dues.

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LSAW Honor Roll


Past Presidents

The Land Surveyors' Association annually chooses one individual to represent the Association as it's President. The duties of president are many and varied and require the commitment of much time and effort to both the association and the profession. The LSAW honors those who have made this contribution.

2019 Kate Schalk
2018 Weston Dorszynski
2017 Carla Meritt
2016 John Christensen
2015 Mike McEvilly
2014 Earl Morriss
2013 James Coan
2012 John Thomas
2011 Bryan L. Thorp
2010 Mick Sprouffske, Jr.
2009 Scott Thomas
2008 Ben V. Petersen
2007 James A. Main
2006 Ken Swindaman
2005 Greg E. Flowers
2004 Brent Johnston
2003 Gary Gervelis
2002 Robert L. Stratton
2001 R. William Glassey
2000 James Wengler
1999 Walter O. Dale
1998 Patrick J. Beehler
1997 Larry A. Signani
1996 Donald R. Dunsmore
1995 Louie W. Wishert Jr.
1994 Kenneth L. Frazier
1993 Jon Warren
1992 Melvin Garland
1991 Steven Johnson
1990 Darrell Sorenson
1989 Scott Valentine
1988 Mike Mickiewicz
1986 John Abenroth
1985 William Thompson III
1984 James Pahl
1983 Daniel Beardslee
1982 Douglas Dodds
1981 John Thalacker
1980 James Benthin
1979 Robert Cray
1978 Albert Hebrank Jr.
1977 Daniel Clark
1976 James Wilson
1975 James Barrom
1974 Harold Lacy
1973 Derwin Roupe
1972 Jack Thorp
1971 Warren Kroger
1970 Pat Pattison
1969 Fred Snelgrove
1968 Ralph Flagen
1967 Bob Jones
1966 Jack Bracy
1965 Don Haines
1964 Fred Lawrence
1963 Tom Kidwell
1962 Leroy Middleton
1961 Dick Stuhr
1960 Dick Stuhr
1959 Will Webb
1958 Hugh Goldsmith
1957 John Johnson
1956 James McDuffee
1955 Lowell Palmerton
1954 Paul Williams
1953 Don Haines
1952 Allen Hitchings

Surveyor of the Year

The title "Surveyor of the Year" is awarded annually to the one individual who, by assessment of his or her peers, has contributed the most to the surveying profession as a whole over the past 5 years. Recipients are honored at the Annual LSAW Banquet.

2018 Tom Barger
2016 Tim Kent
2015 Carla Meritt
2014 Ronald Torrence
2013 Jon Purnell
2012 Martin Paquette
2011 Amanda Askren
2010 James A. Coan
2009 Victor J. Banks
2008 Gavin M. Schrock
2007 Ben V. Petersen
2006 James Wengler
2005 Kenneth W. Swindaman
2004 Gary Gervelis
2003 Dave Steele
2002 R. William Glassey
2001 Michael G. Mickiewicz
2000 Steven B. Ivey
1999 Melvin F. Garland
1998 Timothy A. Kent
1997 David A. Berg
1996 Timothy A. Kent
1995 John L. Abenroth
1994 Patrick J. Beehler
1993 Walter O. Dale
1992 Jerry Broadus
1991 Jon Warren
1990 Richard Larson
1989 Larry Signani
1988 Scott Valentine
1987 William Thompson III
1986 Jerry Olson
1985 Dennis DeMeyer
1984 Steven Johnson
1983 John Thalacker
1982 Robert Cray
1981 Albert Hebrank Jr.
1980 C.V. 'Vic' Payne
1979 Daniel O'Shea
1978 John Erickson
1977 Leroy Middleton
1976 Darrell Sorenson

Associate Surveyor of the Year

The title "Associate Surveyor of the Year" is awarded annually to the one individual who, by assessment of his or her peers, has contributed the most to the surveying profession as a whole over the past 5 years. Recipients are honored at the Annual LSAW Banquet.

2018 Kevin Carlascio
2016 John Besancon
2015 Karen Schauss
2014 Erica Morris
2013 Jennifer Smit
2012 Randy Spinharney
2011 Desi Schilling
2010 Victoria Thalacker
2009 Steven Reding
2008 Lorinda MacManiman
2007 Thomas A. Ginsburg
2006 Erin Dunbar
2005 Greg C. Brooks
2004 Jesse Thompson
2003 Karen Zollman
2002 Erin Dunbar
2001 Aaron B. Blaisdell
2000 Scott A. Dale
1999 Todd Pocock
1998 A. Clarice Clark
1997 Eric Gahringer
1996 Charles T. Newell
1995 David Gonsalves
1994 Tracie Luthi
1993 Matt Watne
1992 Leland Fischer
1991 Wilbur 'Bill' Epoch
1990 James Coan
1989 Robert Landon
1988 Walter O. Dale
1987 Dennis Wegenast
1986 Grant Heppenstall
1985 Warren Ferguson Jr.
1984 Edwin Hammond