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SMPP Task Force Includes

The following organizations participated on the task force to develop the legislation.

Washington Council of County Surveyors (WCCS),
Land Surveyors’ Association of Washington (LSAW),
DNR Public Land Survey Office (PLSO),
Washington State Dept. of Transportation,
WA State Association of County Auditors,
City of Bellingham,
City of Bellevue,
City of Seattle


Help Convince the Legislature of the Need for a New Transportation Revenue Package

The Washington State Legislature is one month away from the end of this year's regular legislative session and, to date, there is not even a single bill that has been introduced the provides for new transportation revenues.  

With the release of the March 17th revenue forecast, we now know that the revenue picture for the Operating Budget and the Capital Budget has been stabilized, and with passage of the federal American Rescue Plan Act, the State has effectively recovered in relation to those budgets. 

However, the status of transportation funding is not so fortunate looking into the future.  There is information reported that the state's gas consumption will not recover for over ten years.  That will be a severe ongoing deficit to overcome and the needs are only continuing to grow.  Transportation needs your attention today.  

Please help us convey the message to Olympia that clear action needs to happen this legislative session.  Do not kick the can down the road.

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SB 5224 - On Hold Until 2022 Legislative Session


Update on Senate Bill 5224 (SB 5224)

After meeting with Senator Van De Wege, it is clear that we have a better chance at passing the bill by holding it in committee until the 2022 legislative session next year.  This provides an opportunity to meet with key stakeholders and build consensus with potential opposition.
Between now and December 2021, the LSAW Monument Preservation Committee will meet with key stakeholders and develop strategic alliances, as necessary.
The LSAW Monument Preservation Committee would like to thank the LSAW members who took time to attend our webinar and contact their representative(s).  In order to be successful, we will need to build on our grassroots effort. Here is how you can help:

While there is still work to do, the good news is, we have formed a new relationship with Senator Van De Wege, who has demonstrated support and optimism for the passage of the bill next year. We are excited to see this process through and will count on you for your support! Stay tuned for more information!

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Discuss and promote the SMPP during Chapter meetings and anytime you network with other Land Surveyors.

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If you have questions regarding the process or the legislation, feel free to contact us.

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